About Us

Since 1999 Seesawusa.com has grown from a small home-based internet business into a successful global internet-based business. With many thousands of satisfied customers, our custom-made top-quality shades and blinds are installed worldwide in homes, restaurants, commercial buildings, boats/ships and air traffic control towers.

Our Values
We believe in and value:
Integrity - Our business is based on integrity
Customer Service - Being Number 1 in customer service is our constant goal
Respect - We value diversity, and we treat our customers, our co-workers, suppliers, and communities with respect
Our Environment - We offer environmentally-friendly, recyclable products

When you purchase a product from Seesawusa.com you have access to professional, knowledgeable technicians with extensive backgrounds in building construction. Our technicians are experts on installation and installation techniques including motorization for each of our products. Seesawusa.com's technicians are available to assist our customers in choosing the best solution and product for each application for residential or commercial use.

Seesawusa.com uses the newest and most innovative sun control products available to block up to 90% of the heat and glare of the sun before it reaches the interior of your home or business. Our solar products reduce energy cost, provide daytime privacy, and help prevent fading of carpets, furniture and draperies, yet they provide excellent outward visibility. Our solar products provide energy efficiency while improving the esthetics of your home, office, patio or other enclosures

Seesawusa.com are partners with the leading manufacturers in the industry offering our customers the very best solutions for their individual needs.

Whether you are located in Alaska or Florida, have a store front with too much sun and fading, or you have an entire building that needs protection, we are your one stop source for window shades and blinds.

For your energy saving solar shading products, blackout shades,skylight shades, sunroom / solarium shades, storefront / restaurant shade, ceramic paint additives, tank and pipe coatings, roof coatings, marine shades and ATCT shades, motorized products, use our years of experience and a vast array of partners to help you find the best and most economical solution.