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The TrackStar is a superior heat blocking system utilizing a folding shade to cover non-vertical sloped and curved glass surfaces such as those found in greenhouses, sloped windows, and barrel-domed glass.
The fabric is guided by a series of roller assemblies that travel smoothly along curved tracks through the radius of the opening. The fabric will cascade down the opening between the mullions suspended by inserted rods that are connected to the track by custom designed roller assembly. Trackstar shades are custom designed to fit each opening, and all projects are engineered.
This kind of shade is lifted from the bottom, creating the folded fabric that is characteristic of evenly folding shades, and is used in situations where the slope of the glass is sufficient to use gravity in bringing it down.
Both manual and motorized lifting systems are available.
Call and we will provide you with instructions and walk you through the process of how to install shades in your home or business. We provide all the samples, instructions, and one-on-one advice for a professional installation. Certified measure and install professionals are available that will assist you with the measurements and installation.

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Benefits: Sunroom / Solarium Shades

Sunrooms/Solariums are an extension of your home and provide enjoyment of the outdoors without exposure to the elements. Glass Sunrooms/Solariums are a great addition to any living or working space. Keeping your sunroom/solarium cool during the summer is simple.
Retractable shades:
➤ Reduce cooling costs during the warmer months
➤ Protect furnishings, plants, and floors from extensive sun and heat exposure
➤ Add privacy or glare control when needed

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Heat and Glare Blocking
Sunroom / Solarium Shades

Sunroom/Solarium shades are an ideal solution for treating curved windows, and are typically used in solariums and greenhouses.
The shade design allows a smooth operation over curved windows. The sides of the shade are held in place by carriers that run along a fixed track. The shade is lifted from the bottom, creating the folded stack that is characteristic of a folding shade.
Sunroom/Solarium shades are used in situations where the slope of the glass is sufficient to use gravity in bringing it down. The path of the shade is guided by tracks, and special carriers attached to the shade travel along the tracks.
The Sunroom/Solarium shades are typically made up in solar-screen fabrics, but other fabrics, including blackout fabrics, can be used as well.

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Trackstar Sunroom / Solarium Fabrics

Shade Fabrics:
➤ choice of vinyl-coated fiberglass and vinyl-coated polyester yarns woven into various configurations and colors
➤ Woven yarn is interlocking and heat-treated so that all materials are securely bonded
➤ The woven fabrics are made by coating a high strength polyester or fiberglass yarn with a proprietary vinyl compound that employs performance additives
➤ This vinyl compound is specially formulated to resist fading, fire, mildew, soiling, and bacteria

Vinyl-Coated Fiberglass Fabrics are available in the weaves listed below
➤ SheerWeave 2000, Openness Factor 5%
➤ SheerWeave 2100, Openness Factor 10%
➤ SheerWeave 2390, Openness Factor 5%
➤ SheerWeave 2360, Openness Factor 10%
➤ M Screen, Openness Factor 3% and 5%
➤ E Screen, Openness Factor 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%
➤ Verso Veil, Openness Factor 1%
➤ Basketweave 100, Openness Factor 13%
➤ Hexcel XL2 Satin Weave, Openness Factor 3%, 5%, or 10%
➤ Hexcel XL Screen, Openness Factor 5%
All vinyl-coated fiberglass fabrics are available in various colors. Maximum widths range from 72" to 98"


Technical Service
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If you require any advice or assistance with measuring, installation, wiring or operation of a roller shade or blind please contact at 800-561-9250 or 281-493-0991. More detailed technical information sheets are available on request.

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