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Skylight Shades

. Or get black-out skylight shades to block light completely. Skylight Shades help you lower energy bills by letting light in, but keeping heat out and prevent UV damage that causes sun-fading to your carpets and furniture.

Year-Round Protection
We recommend using skylight shades year-round! Skylight Shades keep your room cooler and help protect your furniture and carpets from sun damage in the heat of the summer. During the winter Skylight Shades can help keep your interiors warmer by reflecting internal heat back inside!

Call and we will provide you with instructions and walk you through the process of how to install shades in your home or business. We provide all the samples, instructions, and one-on-one advice for a professional installation. Certified measure and install professionals are available that will assist you with the measurements and installation.

Skystar 7001-A Skylight Shade
Maximum size - 84" wide x 120" length

The Skystar 7001-A is a manually-operated folding skylight shading system. It is constructed with battens sewn into pockets across the shade width.
Carriers attached to the battens guide the fabric along tracks on either side of the shade. When the shade is opened, the fabric forms folds or pleats like a Roman shade.
Operating System: The shade is operated with a wand that hooks into a ring in the center of the bottom rail. Two tension cords extend down each side of the shade, pass through the bottom rail, and connect to the window frame at opposite corners, thus creating stability for the shade as it is opened and closed.

SkyShield 7001-C Lifting System - Motorized
This system is a motor operated skylight shading system in which the return operating cords are hidden.

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Tension Shades

For windows and skylights that are on an incline or applications requiring a bottom-up shade.

The Skylight Tension shade is a heavy-duty motorized shade featuring a flat roller shade band that can transverse from the higher fascia box down or from the lower fascia box up.

The tube at the highest point contains the motor while the lower tube contains a HD spring maintaining constant tension on the fabric band.

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Fixed Skylight Panels

Fixed Skylight Panels
Panels are fixed frame panels that provide sunlight filtration at a lower cost than operable solutions. They are particularly well suited for skylights and sloped glazing in solariums or odd-shaped openings. (Not suitable for curved framing).

  • Use Fixed Skylight Panels to help prevent ultraviolet damage to expensive textiles and furniture located in direct sunlight
  • Relieve the discomfort from solar heat and glare often associ

    For Interior Use Only

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    Dual-Motor Skylight Shades

    Ideal for Large Skylights

    The Dual-Motor Skylight Shade consists of 2 specific motors, an electric control unit and a switch. One motor is inserted into the fabric roll-up tube and is referred to as the Fabric Motor, and the other is inserted into the strap take-up tube and is called the Strap Motor.

    The electronic control unit controls each motor independently and maintains a desirable dynamic tension in the system, eliminating fabric sag while the fabric is both transversing and standing idle.

    Adjustments to both dynamic and final tension can be made via the electronic control unit.

    The Dual-Motor Shade can be mounted at any angle including completely horizontal.

    Fixed Solar Screens<br>Covering Skylight

    Fixed Solar Screens Covering Skylights

    Mitchell Historic Properties, Galveston, Tx
    Problem: Reduce glare and heat from Skylights
    Solution: Fixed Solar Screens installed with special brackets
    The previous skylight coverings had deteriorated and approxomately 275 fixed solar screens, using the Phifer SunTex 80% in gray, has been installed solving the problem.

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    Exterior Skylight Shades

    The Exterior Skylight Shade can easily attach to the skylight exterior and there are no holes or screws needed.

    Many companies are using natural light and natural light applications as a cost-effective measure:
    • to efficiently keep temperatures at a decent level without obstructing views
    • help to reduce the solar heat and light intensity
    • resulting in saving on cooling energy

      The skylight shades are customized for each job and the cover comes with a neoprene rubber tie rope with loops at 6 inch intervals.

      The shade canopy is placed over the skylight and then tied and secured with the rubber tie rope.
      The cover can be removed during the winter times and reused for the summer.

    The Exterior Skylight Shade has:
      The Enduro 80 percent screening
      • lets in an ample amount of light so the interior
      • light level allows patrons to see clearly without spending dollars on electrical lights

    Exterior Skylight<br>with Rubber Rope Ti

    Exterior Skylight Shades
    Commercial 95
    Synthesis (Coolaroo ) Knitted Shade Cloth

    An ultraviolet-stabilized HPDE monofilament and tape knitted fabric, Commercial 95 Synthesis was developed specifically for use in fabric structures, awnings and shade covers.

    Strong and stable, Commercial 95 fabric offers an ideal shade solution for commercial and architectural applications such as:
    • school playgrounds
    • sporting facilities
    • parking structures
    • outdoor cafes
    • car dealerships
    • outdoor pool areas
    • exterior skylights
    Designed to "breathe," it allows cooling breezes to flow through, significantly reducing temperatures beneath.

    Commercial 95 offers a combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure a long-life and maintenance-free performance.

    The fabric's knitted construction prevents tearing and fraying, and colors remain vivid for years.

    Commercial 95 fabrics are produced through a unique lock-stitch construction that combines monofilament and tape to produce a dimensionally stable fabric that will not tear or fray if cut.

    Backed by a 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty, Commercial 95 is also mold and mildew resistant. It is available in contemporary colors to complement architectural trends and enhance the existing structure.