Outdoor Shades and Screens
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The Perfect Shade

Premium Plus Zipper Shade
Residential or Commercial

Lowers Your Energy Costs Up To 30%
Provides Wind and Sun Control

The Premium Plus Zipper Track System is ideal option for your patio, pergola, garage or business.This shade actually zips into the track so it keeps high wind, bugs, insects, critters, dirt and the heat of the sun from the area.

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The Perfect Shade

SC Elite Shade System
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Outdoor Shades solve ALL of your sun related problems
The SC Elite 2000 Retractable shades provide a smaller sleek look for widths up to 20 feet.
The fabric runs in vertical Shade Tracks or Cable Guides. When the shade is retracted the fabric is stored in the built-in 4-inch Cassette box. A specially designed horizontal weighted Hem bar keeps the fabric taut.
Only the highest quality mesh fabrics known for their exceptional transparency and sun blocking capabilities are used in our manufacturing process.

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The Perfect Shade

Value Plus Patio and Window Sunshades

UP TO 70% off

➤ Value Plus Patio and Window Sunshades block heat and glare while increasing daytime privacy.
➤ Use in outdoor living areas to reduce sun exposure and filter late afternoon glare.
➤ Use over windows to block heat from entering the home and save on your summer cooling costs.
➤ The Value Plus Patio and Window roller Sunshade exterior grade fabric resists fading, mildew, and staining. Simply hose off to clean.
➤ Protects against sun exposure and increases privacy
➤ Premium solar fabric blocks heat and glare
➤ Premium Valance included
➤ Ships within 2-3 business days
➤ Will save on cooling costs when used over windows
➤ Easy to install, can mount on the ceiling or wall
➤ Easy to maintain, simply hose off to clean, never machine wash
➤ Hardware included

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Retractable Awning

Patio and Deck Retractable Awnings
Residential or Commercial
➤ Can reduce solar heat gain up to 77%
➤ Can lower inside temperature by up to 15 degrees
➤ Powder coated White, Almond, Bronze frame
➤ Custom widths up to 26' wide in one inch increments
➤ 5 year warranty on the fabric and motor
➤ Sunbrella fabric
➤ Optional RoofMount Kit available

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Fixed Solar Screens

Fixed Solar Screens
Residential or Commercial
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Start saving on your energy bill now

Fixed Solar Screens solve ALL of your sun related problems
Fixed Solar Screens are exterior mounted window screens that shade your window and glass area.
Window glass conducts heat similar to a magnifying glass. Fixed Solar Screens block the sun rays before it contacts the glass surface preventing heat and glare from entering the window area.
➤ Reduces Heat Gain
➤ Saves Energy $$$s
➤ Increases Comfort
➤ Prevents Fading
➤ Reduces Glare
➤ Provides Daytime Privacy

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Clear Vinyl Curtains

Value Plus Clear Vinyl Patio Curtains
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Low Cost - High Quality Solution for Managing Your Environment RESIDENTIAL
Weather-proof Your Porch and Patio
Enjoy you porch or patio during cold weather! It is enjoyable to be outdoors, either with friends watching a football game or enjoying that outdoor kitchen you just had built. Clear Vinyl Enclosure Curtains will protect your porch or patio from rain, snow and cold weather. Great when you have plants that need protection, and protects pets from inclement weather conditions.
Our Value Plus Clear Vinyl Patio Curtains can be used with any outdoor structure
➤ Porch / patios ➤ gazebos ➤ decks ➤ verandas.
The list of structures where a patio enclosure like ours will work is endless.

When appearance and visibility are important!
Our commercial Clear Vinyl Curtains are used by
➤ Restaurants ➤ Golf Courses ➤ Wedding Venues ➤ Pavilions ➤ Bar Patios ➤ Smoking Porch ➤ Walkways ➤ Waiting Area
and other outdoor spaces


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Solar /Mosquito Curtains

Solar/Mosquito Curtains
Residential or Commercial
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Start saving on your energy bill now

Enjoy the Outside with Family and Friends

INSTANTLY turn your patio or deck into a sunroom or screen room - simply the easiest and affordable way to add leisure or entertaining space to your home or restaurant patio.
Do NOT let the weather or mosquitos determine if you can use your patio or outdoor area
Insulating Outdoor Curtains stops ➤ cold ➤ heat ➤ wind ➤ rain ➤ snow ➤ debris
flying insects such as ➤ mosquitoes ➤ flies ➤ wasps ➤ bees ➤ birds and bird nests
These systems create an extra layer of insulation between your patio and main structure reducing energy consumption.

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Security Screens

Be-Safe Security Screens and Doors

➤ Prevents burglary and intruders
➤ Slightly darker than a regular bug mesh
➤ Cannot be cut with razor or crowbar
➤ Allows light and air into the home
➤ Custom made to fit your windows
➤ Interior panic bar