Commercial Shades and Blinds

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Commercial Shades

Lower Your Energy Costs Up To 30%
And Provide Sun Control

High quality Solar Shades are the perfect window treatment choice for commercial locations, providing increased energy efficiency, durability, and clean ability in addition to heat,glare and UV control.
They contribute to the performance of the building and organization as a whole in the areas of safety, energy usage, comfort and user experience. Solar Commercial Window Treatments are highly durable, built to last and remain beautiful and trouble-free.

Industries we serve:
➤ Office Buildings ➤ Business Offices ➤ Retail
➤ Hotels | Motels ➤ Restaurants ➤ Schools ➤ Health Care ➤ Government
➤ Marine ➤ ATCT ➤ Property Management ➤ New Construction
➤ Wedding ➤ Concert Venues ➤ Mini Warehouse ➤ Storage Facilities

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Office/Conference Rooms

Interior Solar Shades control glare and heat while increasing comfort for those attending meetings and presentations or at office work stations.
Commercial window treatments in an office or corporate setting establish a comfortable work area and look good. Solar shade window treatments are beautiful and functional, with the durability to last. Expect energy efficiency, visual comfort, increased productivity and a satisfactory work environment
Inefficient energy management can affect your business bottom line, and replacing valuable carpeting, furnishings and finishes before their time is an unnecessary, avoidable expense. Solar Shades can lighten the facilities management burden in every corporate as well as small business setting.
Interior Solar Screen Shades
Blackout Shades
Duo Shades

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Retail Stores

Solar Shades are a preferred window treatment in commercial retail locations
➤ Protect valuable inventory from fading
➤ Protect carpet and other furnishings
➤ Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from entering the store space
➤ Reduce glare
➤ Reduce cooling/energy costs
➤ Decrease glare and discomfort of workers
➤ Eliminating glare on point of sale screens near windows
➤ Customer comfort
➤ Allow natural daylight into the space, reducing need for artificial lighting
➤ Dark colored fabrics control glare most efficiently and allow the best view-through

Interior Solar Shades

Restaurant Shades

Interior and Exterior

Solar Shades are a preferred window treatment in restaurant applications and contribute to a more pleasant atmosphere for diners. Solar Screen Shades blocks the sun heat and glare, not the view, making it possible for every seat in a dining area to be comfortable during the busiest times of the business day.

  • Reduce glare
  • Preserve the view
  • Ambient light and ambience
  • Protect interiors
  • Guest comfort
  • Child-safety options
  • Dark colored fabrics control glare most efficiently and allow the best view-through
Restaurant Shades

Restaurant Interior Shades

Hotel / Hospitality

Sheer Solar Shades for Daytime Privacy

Sheer Solar Shades provide an updated alternative for Drapery Sheers. When guests are in their rooms they appreciate muted light and a view, if there is one, without being seen from the outside. Solar Shades are the clean, updated version of sheer draperies, providing privacy on the darker side of the treatment- in this case, the room interior. Light enters the room in a controlled fashion, but heat and glare are controlled and the guest can still see outside. In locations where a view is undesirable, translucent fabrics allow light filtering and management, but eliminate view-through.
Daytime Privacy - Interior Solar Screen Shades
Nighttime Privacy and Room Darkening - Blackout Shades

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Schools / Colleges / Universities

Window Treatment Solutions
Solar Shades block unwanted glare while maintaining a connection to the outside and allows students to see electronic and blackboard presentation without glare and eye strain.
From a single classroom to a sprawling campus composed of many buildings, offers solar shading solutions that can optimize the learning environment and reduce energy consumption while providing a more comfortable environment.

Educational environments need light management throughout their facilities. offers school window shade solutions for:
➤ Libraries ➤ Gymnasiums ➤ Cafeteria ➤ Auditoriums ➤ Administrative Offices ➤ Science Labs
➤ Music and Art Spaces ➤ Aquatics areas


Hospital / Health Care

Need large quantities of shades for your apartments, condos, business, school or military complex? can supply virtually any quantity of shades in a short timeframe ready to install or can provide installation services.
We also offer quantity contract pricing available for architects, property managers, government facilities, schools, hotels, restaurant chains or general contractors.

GreenGuard Certified
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GreenGuard Certified
Greenguard Solar Shades
Certified for low chemical emissions to promote safe and healthy indoor environments.
GREENGUARD Certification is part of UL Environment, a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories). GREENGUARD Certification helps manufacturers create and buyers identify interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used.


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